Bugged with website registration? Bypass it with Bugmenot.com

If you are getting confuse with the Chinese movie name BugMeNot which was released in the year 2005, then you misunderstood this blog post. I am talking about BugMeNot.com, longest running (August 2003) internet service providing pre-registered username and passwords with clear intention of bypassing the free registration and lengthy online forms over websites.

This site works at the model of by the people, for the people! This means, login details are added by the users for the other users, forming a kind of community or forum. This has its benefit like users get the updated and currently working login details! The bad is, if someone mischievously adding the fake or linked information. Being the oldest and most popular in this domain, usually each sites has multiple login options to choose from.

Do you wish to contribute?

If you wish to contribute then it is very simple!

Search for the desired website, to wish to have login ⇨ Use the provided login details, if the login detail used is expired or wrong then report it and add the new login details you have generated else, ⇨ use the other option provided.

If there is zero data for the website searched, then you can do the following:

STEP 1: Example Search for: http://www.babychakra.com
STEP 2: Contribute/Share the login details created by you

If you are a site owner and wish to permanently removed/blocked from the bugmenot.com system, then you can request in the following scenarios:

  • Pay-per-view: users pay money to access the site 
  • Community: users register only to add/change content (but not to view or
  • DOWNLOAD ATTACHMENTS) Fraud risk: user accounts contain sensitive details e.g. banks, online stores, etc. 

The wikipedia page is updated by bhojpuria entrepreneur on 6th April 2020. Other details are as below:

  1. Domain Authority: 67
  2. Page Authority: 59
  3. Spam Score: 39% (Very Bad)
  4. Alexa Ranking: 46,709
  5. Do Follow Score: 69%
  6. No Follow Score: 31%

The most interesting fact is, it gets 25% web traffic from India, and second highest from Germany which is 13%. What are you waiting for? Just go and check this amazing website.

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