Types of party balloons |Balloon categories and variations for party decoration

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If you are checking or scrolling this blog, it means you are a budding decorpreneur (event planner) or simply a planner who is ready to shop for your next or upcoming party like birthday, baby shower, anniversary or surprise your beloved!

In India, you can shop online on your most popular marketplace- Amazon, shop at local party stores or just call professionals from Bunny Bash or Urban Clap with your choice or type of balloons to make your party decor outstanding! Mainly there are two types of balloons widely used in decorations:

  1. Latex Balloons: Widely available at all store formats and online, latex balloons come in the size of 9″ inches to 36″ inches in size. Most commonly used for making bunches, balloon pillars, balloon arch gates, and balloon garland. You can fill floating gases like hydrogen (not recommended) or helium (expensive but safe) to make balloon floating clusters which lasts usually for 6 to 8 hours, although various factors, in particular, how the custom latex balloons are sealed, or how much helium is used are a huge factor in determining float time.
  2. Foil or Myler Balloons: Unlike latex balloons which are flexible and stretchable in nature, foil balloons have definite shapes and sizes. If not mandatory, it is advisable to use floating gases to make them look cool! Also, note that you cannot use balloon cups and sticks with this kind of balloon. Always shop for high-quality foil balloons with self-sealing valves which results in whopping 3-4 days of floating time. While using letter or number foils on walls, you can simply air blow them and stick them with the help of dot tape or clear tape. Due to features like shiny finish, endless options for colors, shapes, and sizes, currently companies are manufacturing theme foil balloons of cartoon characters, festivals, etc. to make parties and celebrations more ‘themeful’ and lasting.

Variations in Latex Balloons:

  • Solid Colour Balloons: Most commonly used in the Indian market, manufactured in India as well as exported from China. Depending on quality it costs between ₹0.40 – ₹0.85 in the wholesale market. Nearly 20-25 shades are available in the size of 9″ inches to 12″ inches.
Latex Solid Colours Balloon
  • Metallic Balloons: Latex balloons with a metallic texture and look and slight transparency. Recommended using with helium gas only, being a little costly than the solid colour balloons.
Latex Metallic Balloons For Party Decoration
  • Chrome Balloons: High-density balloons with great shine and no see-through whatsoever. They are 4 to 5 times more costly than the normal solid color balloons. Must try for your next romantic surprise, anniversary surprise or adult’s birthday. Ideal for outdoor decor with helium gas.
Latex Chrome Balloons For Party Decoration
  • Pastel Balloons: Pastel balloons have pastel shades! Pastel shades are made by mixing a significant amount of white to original shade, thus have a softer look in comparison. Pastel balloons speak for themselves that they represent peace and calm, they are the shade of romance and are baby-centric. Thus they are used for theme parties like a rainbow, unicorn or for the baby shower and spring outdoor parties!
Latex Pastel Colour Balloons For Party Decoration
  • Marble Balloons: Make your party marvelous with marble balloons. These balloons feature marble inspired design in vibrant colors. They are similar to chrome balloons in terms of quality and price. Ideal for colorful birthday parties, get-together and festivals like Holi!
Latex Marble Texture Balloons For Party Decoration
  • Clear Balloons: Clear or transparent balloons are ideal for balloon creativity, balloon crafts, balloon banquets and personalised decoration. Clear balloons are combined with other types of balloons like pipe, pastel or chrome to create or personalise it according to the desired theme.
Latex Clear or Transparent Balloons For Party Decoration
  • Dot Balloons: Commonly known as ‘Polka Dots‘ or ‘Star Dots‘ balloons are used generally for children parties, kids carnivals or carnival theme birthday parties. Solid colours balloons are screen printed with multiple dots, stars or moon to get this concept balloons.
Latex Polka/Star Dot Balloons For Party Decoration
  • Confetti Balloons: Confetti balloons are a great addition to the baby shower and bachelorette parties. Personalise it with the help of desktop cutters like Cricut (I use Cricut Explorer 2) and fill it with helium or simply air blow them.
Latex Confetti Balloons For Party Decoration
  • Pipe Balloons: Pipe balloons or modelling balloons are like potatoes, they can go with any balloon decoration. Mainly they are used for modelling, which means twisting the 36″inch to 48″inch blown pipe balloon to different characters like animals, birds, weapons, plants, flowers etc. They are blown with the help of a hand pump or electrical pump.
Latex Pipe Balloons For Party Decoration and Modelling

Variations in Foil Balloons:

  • Number Foils: Number foils are used to represent the numerical value of the celebration like 21st BIRTHDAY, 1st ANNIVERSARY. Currently three sizes are available in market- 12″inch, 18″inch and 36″inch (rare).
Number/Numerical Foil Balloons For Party Decoration
  • Shape Foils: Different shapes like star, circle, moon, heart etc. are available separately or in combo packs. Now marketers are selling the combo bunches of latex and foil balloons, keeping colour themes in mind.
Heart Shape Foil Balloons For Party Decoration
  • Letter Foils: Letter or word foils are used to mention the celebration like HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY etc. They can be sticked on walls, hang them with the help of ribbon or air float them by felling helium into them.
Letter/Word Foil Balloons For Party Decoration
  • Printed Foils: Pre-written messages like I LOVE YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY etc. or prints like candy on round foils are easily available in the market. Please note that screen printing is difficult on foils, thus these kind of pre-printed foils are available.
Digitally Printed Happy Birthday Foil Balloons For Party Decoration
  • Theme Foil Set: 6-12 foil balloon sets are available in birthday themes like frozen, minions, princess, car, jungle etc. Foil sets have made it easier and quick for theme decoration.
Unicorn Theme Foil Balloons For Party Decoration

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