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A Great Team is made with motivation and vision. Vision not just for you, your brand, or investors (if any) but also for every member of your team. Polish, and embark each team individual’s ideas, assurance of being together, and most importantly rewards for achieving goals today, tomorrow, and every day!

I know that for small startups- bootstrapped ones, SEED CAPITAL, and ATTRITION are the biggest problem, and we have to accept this challenge being an entrepreneur. Your startup is your dream, you have the vision, you have designed the solution for some problem you are solving and thus it is you who can onboard new teammates by sharing your vision and start living the same.

  • Your new team members are your first customer:  Fasten your seat belt and be ready to sell the DREAM-your very first product. The main ingredient of your first product is the availability of talent progression with organizational structure. Salary is important but skill and showing them a well-defined career growth are a binding force. Progressive people have a winning attitude, they like to win in the domain they belong to! Help them win, show them the opportunity that they can win all set goals in their domain (developer, graphic designer, UI/UX designer, event planner) with the competency mapping available at your organization. Don’t ask an individual skilled in web development to design UI of a website, as an innovator and leader you are compromising on the outcome and at the same time you are adding a taste of failure and unsatisfied job outcome.
  • Stick and be strict with hiring laws and system:  As a startup, you focus on hiring freshers or less experienced candidates with two reasons- financial crunch and freshers are easier to train with innovation and communicate ‘your idea of approach‘. Always remember that intelligence does not come with a degree or a diploma. Sometimes their perspective and new age evolved thought can surprise you and boost your business. Follow a proper system of hiring with standardized paperwork, clarity on roles, essential starter kit, domain essentials (if I am an Illustrator or Graphic designer then I need high-speed internet, subscription to paid pictures and illustration sites, and most important is computer system will high-end processor and graphic card) proper briefing on entry and exit process, daily or weekly progress report or self scoreboard, workshop before hiring on organizational structure, reporting structures, and work-life balance.
  • Businesses are run by teams of individuals: Seeing team members as individuals will strengthen your team. Make a scoreboard of each individual, encourage them to proceed with calculative risks, appreciate them for small or big achievements, handhold and guide them if there is a pitfall. ‘Culture’ feeling of significance among individuals and this is only possible through involvement. More you involve individuals in process or decision making more they will feel significant and thus a sense of commitment and responsibility will evolve automatically. This may indeed build over-confidence within individuals but as a lead leader, it is your responsibility to record each of his actions and involve him in the course of correction timely.
  • Identify and set milestones for yourself and individuals of your team as a leader: Identify and set achievable milestones for yourself, team individuals, and the team as a whole. Be crystal clear and work accordingly as per where you want to be after a year, three, five, or ten! We control our job satisfaction and motivation through incremental visible progress in our goal setting.  Progress drives motivation, which in turn drives greater future progress. Be clear with your daily win goals, monthly goals, yearly and long term goals. Along with milestones, the multiplication of the skill and energy of every individual working with you is important. Along with scoreboard, it is important to make a framework that comprises of SKILL and WILL analysis of each individual, helping in analyzing self-growth.
  • New team member or employee is a new baby, start with baby steps: Encourage your new bee to take baby steps with daily win goals. This will be a simple, actionable system or strategy to understand the overall defined goals of the new business and adopting the vision. Start with small projects and goals, guide them to achieve success, and celebrate each of them. Much like the benefits of frequent, consistent exercise have a cumulative effect on us over time, so as celebrating small successes daily. Take calculated risk with keen vigilance. You either win or you learn from your mistakes. But you have to stay alert!
  • Celebrate successes and failures in the same spirit: Yes you heard right! Celebrate failures too as you do when successes come to you. Celebrating milestone achievements or success will bring your team together and creates testimonial that when you work together, great things can happen. ‘Sense of Recognition’ and ‘Shoutout’ boost self-confidence, strengthen a sense of responsibility, originates self-believe to take calculated risks, and helps individual to visualize the impact created by them. In contrast, celebrate failures as to visualize the loop falls, analyze the key measures of failures, boost your team, mainly that project leader to grab the new opportunity, and turn them to success.

“It’s a fact that every time we fail, we trust ourselves a little bit less, thus imagine the celebration of failures as new beginning will boost confidence, fuse a sense of togetherness, and will prepare you to take risks.”

  • Transparency in communication:  Where there are human beings, there will be dynamics of how they operate. Human dynamics remain the same– be it team, family, or community. The team falls simply because of poor culture and human dynamics. Thus to maintain this dynamic, it is very important to work on transparency of communication. As a leader, you should be highly approachable, a good listener, and a single-window communicator without any favoritism. With the lack of proper and unified communication, comes the sense of conspiracy and results in breeding insecurity with the fall of the team. Every time you communicate, try to involve team individuals instead of informing.
  • Create a culture of values rather than valuables: Monetary incentives are necessary but you cannot incentivize each daily win goal! Remember we you can pay ₹ 10000 as an incentive, your competitor is on his toe to pay ₹ 12000 and in such a way you will be just a skill developer and skills will be used by your competitor against you. Thus try to develop values, try to develop a feeling of significance among each individual, and connect with the emotional part of being part of the team or business brand. If you are successful in creating a ‘culture of values’ within your business organization then this will help each team individuals to gain confidence, step ahead to take new initiatives, and make effort for scalability.

I have shared my experiences here! Please comment and let me know what more we can consider to build a great team as startup business. Signing off….

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