Why bootstrap startups or small businesses need branding?

‘Startup Way’ is the professional approach to start a business with clear vision, maintaining transparency, satisfaction, and belief among customers and employees to generate auto-pilot mode within the business system.

Startup branding is very important either you are a small business starting from your home or a funded one. Branding boost you and your team with self-confidence, change the sales approach and customer approach as well.

When you need a brand identity? When you should start a brand-building exercise?

The way a company brands itself is everything. The defining factor that keeps business growing is the brand perception built within the society and the reputation of the brand.

Branding is for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who have a clear vision for their brand and they wish to have consistency in their communication, offerings, and engagement.

“Don’t skimp on branding”

You can start brand building exercise when you have business clarity with clear direction, a strategy for growth, and tools and visuals that you need to be SEEN, HEARD and desirable to your audience so that they can buy from you.

What are the basics for bootstrapped startup branding?

  1. a mini strategy guide with everything you need to know to show up in front of the right audience with the right message across all marketing mediums
  2. a visual identity suite of brand graphics and logos to get you started
  3. a mini brand style guide to keep everything (colors, typography, style, vibe, look and feel) consistent no matter who you have working on your visual marketing
  4. a website for 24*7 brand representation and a common channel for customer connect and sales.

Benefits of a great branding

  1. Stand-out: In the flock of competitors and thrift shops, distinctive branding makes you stand out. Get noticed.
  2. Scale-up: As you grow, the brand elements are ready to apply to new products and marketing. 
  3. Add value: Branding add value to your sales pitch, add value to your customer approach, and more importantly it add value to your team as a whole.

“Branding is an investment, not a expense”

When you should hire an Individual Designer or a Freelancer?

  1. When you are clear with your theme, color-tone, and branding adaptability (while designing stationery, packaging materials, digital communications, and marketing materials).
  2. You are jack of all trades with basic designing ability.
  3. You have good command over ‘marketing copy’ and ‘content management’ and you need help to draw your imagination and illustrate your copy graphically.

When you should hire a Branding Agency or Startup Support Company?

  1. When you have a clear vision, you wish to speedup your startup journey professionally and you do not have in-house team.
  2. When your branding thoughts are not limited to logo design, marketing design, or a package design. Branding is a regular process, enriched with thoughts, guidelines for scalability, and roadmap for brand growth.
  3. You wish to have a documented brand guidelines, a branding cookbook to strictly maintain your brand uniformity across all communication channels.

I hope you will find this post informative and helps you understand the importance of startup branding activities. If you have any question or doubt please comment below and I will try to reply back to your queries. HAPPY BRANDING!


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