A dropout from Uttar Pradesh becomes an Entrepreneur

Price Rajput, a son of a farmer from Achhnera, Uttar Pradesh, always wanted to achieve something big in his life. He dropped out of his college and learned software development skills (like MVC.NET, C#, SQL, etc.) over the internet. His journey throughout has been full of obstacles. His father was the only earning hand and the family always had financial constraints. At times, when he was mentally and financially distressed but, he never gave up and always faced the problem confidently. 

Price started his professional career working for several organizations. In 2010, he started with his own Software Company in The Pink City of India- Jaipur. Later in 2014, he moved to New Delhi seeking new opportunities. Today, Price Rajput is a founder of a self-funded startup- GPS Gateway– A GPS Tracking Software Company. He is skilled in GPS Tracking, Sales, Management, Business Development, and Networking with a demonstrated experience working in the IT industry.  

GPS Gateway closely works with companies across industries and new startups providing their white label software solutions. It is enabling companies to set up their branded GPS tracking systems based on their business concepts. It also provides customized services like personal tracking, smart transportation, vehicle tracking, or school bus monitoring system. The company has a huge network in India as well as abroad. It is offering solutions to the companies mostly operating in industries like logistics, transportation, FMCG, manufacturing, education, health-care. It provides services to the channel partners in the distribution channel system, excluding the retail customers.

Security is always a critical concern for any country or society. In the business environment, transparency in the business ecosystem can yield better performance, and this can be achieved using the latest cutting edge technology. Also, the number of accidents and vehicle theft incidents in India is increasing daily. Why don’t we move forward for technology implemented transparent systems which can help in increasing productivity, transparency and also save costs?” – says Prince. All these scenarios in society, as well as the business environment, has inspired the founder to develop technological solutions to such problems.

GPS Gateway is working with a vision of enabling smart transportation and automotive resource optimization with the help of automation and AI technology.

The founder, Price Rajput believes that startups need Branding to increase the engagement and visibility among the target audience. Almost 5% of GPS Gateway’s revenue is spent on its marketing budget. The company’s marketing strategy is always audience-specific. The customer-centric approach of the company has helped the company to sustain over the years by increasing the demand for the products. The company has been using different channels for marketing and find social media as one of the most effective channels to market its product. It has helped GPS Gateway in increasing awareness and also generating sales.

“The marketing success mantra for us was to understand the customer behavior in the initial phase of launching”

Prince Rajput

Prince says that today GPS tracking is being used in every domain like manufacturing, School transportation, logistics, FMCG, Defence, and logistics, etc. With the government making huge investments for the infrastructure plan of 89 smart cities and making GPS tracking mandatory for a few states of India and gradual increase in the number of vehicles in India, the industry is expected to achieve exponential growth over a few years.

As our business is directly related to transportation, the Lockdown announced by the government impacted our business temporarily– Prince’s note on challenges you faced during COVID 19. He believes that this is a temporary phase and is optimistic about the situation to improve.

The success story of Price Rajput tells about the optimism in the human virtues and speaks about being able to create a way out even if the condition is not favorable if a person is determined to do so.



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