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Biggies Burger: A food kiosk in Bangalore to 30+ locations in 11 cities

Biraja Rout, the founder of Biggies Burger was born and brought up in Odisha. In 2010, Biraja started his professional career as an IT professional at Infosys, Bangalore. Working there for a few months, he chose to switch his professional career and decided to follow his passion of starting his Food and Beverages Services. He desired to have an in-house Indian brand with a vision of creating a global QSR (Quick Service Restaurants).

“To create an Indian Global QSR was always the motive behind the brand. Every time we go out, it is either KFC, McD, or Dominos. We hardly encounter an Indian QSR”

Biraja Rout

With zero experience and limited funds, Biraja started with his brand BIGGIES BURGER to seed his dream. He arranged a loan worth Rs. 1.5 lacs, and started with a 25 sq ft kiosk over the footpath of Electronic City, Bangalore, which was just 30 meters away from Infosys Campus. Today, Biggies Burger is operating with almost 30,000 sq ft space, across 30+ locations in 11 cities and is selling 2500+ burgers in a day. The company follows a franchisee operating model, wherein 24 outlets are operational under the franchisees, and 6 outlets come under direct brand supervision. 

Biggies Burger’s motive is to deal with a diversified range of authentic burgers and corresponding side items. They also cater to the gourmet and standardized segment of the menu. The brand is primarily targeting millennials

Biraja Rout, Founder- Biggies Burger

“There is a long way to go, and I treat all these days as stepping stones for a bigger agenda”

Biraja Rout

Biraja mentions that his journey has been stupendous, and his brand is maturing with time. The brand has adopted a product-centric approach from day one. Now products, SOPs, presentations are continuously improving and are standing out in the market. Being a gourmet burger brand, it seeks to explore and justify the authenticity of the product. With increasing awareness of the consumers being exposed to digital media, the demand and expectation for the products have increased marginally.

Biggies Burger is pioneering the art of grilled burgers with a social vision of creating an Indian global QSR. The authentic product range and repeated consumer purchase behavior are the brand’s competitive advantage. The brand’s product range is standardized. It follows a set of SOPs at each company’s verticals which ensure the consistency of the product.

“Approximately 1% of the company’s revenue is spent on the marketing budget”

Biraja Raut

Biraja claims that food has been the past agenda of survival. So irrespective of the brand, the industry is immortal and growing rapidly. The company prioritizes social media platforms and peer to peer marketing as channels for marketing. The company also tends to engage its customers with several store activities like Burger Competitions and giving away complimentary items to the customers.   

As the business world is always dynamic, a company should be flexible. Unprecedented situations like COVID-19 globally. The biggest challenge you faced during COVID 19 is the loss of trust of its customer for consuming outside food. It is taking proactive measuring of ensuring hygiene and communicating it to the customers through different platforms.

Biraja’s product-centric approach has allowed his brand to drive efficiency and productivity. The brand has undertaken constant innovations and product development, ensuring uniformity in quality and taste across all locations. 


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