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FOOD2GO4: a blogging journey of a Mother and her Twin Daughters

Arti Singh, a marketeer by profession, is an emerging Food Blogger from New Delhi. Delhi is undeniably one of the best places in the country to enjoy delicious fare, be it local, international, or cuisines. Just like every other Delhiite, Arti is passionate about food. She is always curious to discover something she has never tasted before. In 2015, Arti started her blog- Food2go4, as a job assignment. She explored and understood the influencers and their role in the marketing space. With time, blogging became a part of her life and found it as a medium to explore and express her emotions for food.

“Just like fashion, everyone consumes food, and it’s the easiest way to start a conversation. That’s what I do with Food2go4”

Arti Singh

In her blogs, Arti generally features food from different places, reviews, recipes, food benefits and also covers topics on parenting and food for kids. Arti’s target audience is both male(44%) and female(56%) of the age group of 18 years to 45 years.

Art’s Twin Daughters

Arti started her blogging journey after she became a mother of twin daughters. She regularly indulges her daughters as her companion in her blogging journey who actively participate and engage with her in creating natural and impactful content. Arti takes her kids along to several influencers meets, restaurants, play areas, etc. Arti also visits food festivals like ‘HornOkPlease’ and ‘Zomaland’ with her kids and post contents to show her audience that people can bring their kids along in such fests.

“People are looking up to me as a mother, who is on the go engaging with her kids and letting them explore.”

Arti Singh

‘Food2go4’ is an amazing journey for Arti, where she has come across different chefs and influencers. Meeting people from the industry has always been exciting for her as she learned many things from their experiences. “How to make ghee at home” was the first blog that boosted up her journey. Arti mentioned that it is still the best performing blog and frequently followed by her international audience. “It’s not a fine piece of mine. Every time I look at it, I feel like fixing it up. But, since it’s performing good, I have not changed it” -Arti added.

Arti’s visit to a Restraunt

Arti suggests that homemakers have a great opportunity of starting blogging as their passion. The women have a lot of scope for creating niche content. They can contribute their daily activities like cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, watching TV serials, etc. as their content.

“There are platforms which are helping women to engage and to be creative. These platforms help women to voice and showcase their talents and earn too. Mompresso, Firstcry, Babychakra are some of the platforms which give smaller assignments to women and seek their reviews, opinions, blogs, videos, recipes, etc.”

Arti Singh

Arti’s blog consistently posts innovative and relevant content according to the current situation. This technique is helping her content to get better reach and engagement. Her recent blogs – “Food to build Immunity against Corona” and “Changing face of Restaurant Industry in Corona Times” are the best performing blogs during the lockdown.

“It makes me feel happy when people recognize my work and seek my opinion on places to visit or food to try.”

Arti Singh

Arti has worked with several brands like- Johnson & Johnson, Flipkart, Nestle, Costa Coffee, Barista, Sugarlite, Tupperware, Kidzania, Amazon, etc. She also features content for Food festivals and Special Menu launches of premium hotels and restaurants. 

“Being an influencer has helped me in my professional career as a marketeer. I now understand how campaigns are planned and executed by brands.” 

Arti Singh

According to the blogger, Brands look for endorsements by people having a greater audience for higher visibility. She added that it is always amazing to look at the way influencers add their personal touch to a product and make different versions of engaging and impactful content for the consumers. 

Arti’s message to the upcoming influencers is to stay focused on the content and target a specific niche. Everyone needs to keep up the motivation and follow the people in their space. Regularly posting is the success mantra for Arti. 

“There are no shortcuts for influencers. So stay committed to work hard every day. A fancy feed on a page takes a lot of hard work to reach there. So just like every other thing, this too needs persistence and hard work.”

Arti Singh

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