Vichaar4all: a startup launchpad, recreating ‘Sone Ki Chiriya’

The business world is always dynamic. Today, youth is highly ambitious for entrepreneurship and following their passion. The trend of emerging young entrepreneurs is leading to optimism about the growth of the country where business startups are driving economic growth, generating employment, leading innovations, and introducing new solutions every day to improve the current processes.

Vichaar4all, a startup by a young entrepreneur, Kunal Sinha is working to help students to nurture and turn their ideas to a startup. Kunal, the founder, is a product manager by degree who has worked with companies like Siemens and PTC for more than six years.

“While talking to students from different colleges, I witnessed that students have great ideas but face challenges to turn those ideas into startups. This gap for the students motivated me to create a startup launchpad that helps students to co-create their startup with mentors and investors. Thus, turning their Vichaar to a business venture.”


The initial phase of Kunal’s entrepreneurial journey was full of trials and tribulations, including quitting a high paying job and meeting different mentors in the market. He soon realized that people take advantage of the startup founders who lack connections, capital, capability, and collaboration. The key objective behind Vichaar was to create a holistic entrepreneurial ecosystem that makes the user experience of starting up delightful. The founder mentioned that his startup journey has been full of success and failures and learnings for life. He bootstrapped his startup from his savings from his job. 

“The main reason a startup founder starts a startup is to make the world a better place. This journey has made me 10 times a better person. I have got a chance to interact with amazing mentors and students with whom I am looking forward to co-create startups.”


The startup’s dynamic team includes students from different colleges who are working as an Entrepreneur In Residence and learning to start a business venture. The company’s key partners include mentors and investors who extend their guidance to different startup ideas. The company is deriving its competitive advantage through innovation.

“Brand is a promise you make to your customers. Branding helps organizations to create a recall value. During the initial phase, a startup should concentrate on building something that people want. With this, a startup can automatically build a brand with time.”

Kunal Sinha

The founder believes that Social Media is the most cost-effective marketing channel to reach out to the target market. LinkedIn has proven itself as the biggest boon for his startup by helping him to directly connect with students with an entrepreneurial mindset, investors, and mentors. According to the founder, a successful marketing strategy is all about understanding the customers. In his case, his customers are mentors, investors, and students with an entrepreneurial mindset. The startup primarily focuses on organic marketing. It believes in maintaining a direct relationship with its customer.

“My greatest challenge was being a solo founder. I overcame that by creating an ecosystem of mentors, investors & entrepreneurs around me. This ecosystem has acted as a co-founder.”

Kunal Sinha

The biggest challenge faced by the company during COVID was pitching events in college. However, the company adopted virtual pitching to overcome this challenge. According to the founder, the Indian Startup ecosystem will boost over the years. In India, the number of job creators should exceed the number of job seekers. 


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