Vishakha Luthra Chopra: How motherhood skyrocketed her blogging career

Vishakha Luthra Chopra’s Instagram bio describes her as a teacher by profession and a blogger by passion. However, she identifies herself as a mother first and then a blogger and a teacher. She explains it is so because her love for blogging started after she stepped her foot into the world of motherhood. She commenced her blogging journey in 2018.  This mommy blogger shares with her 11k followers on Instagram her practical knowledge of parenting and lifestyle. Besides that, she also posts positive quotes on her feed to encourage a positive outlook on life. On Instagram she goes with the name of tales_of_mummas.

Blogging for Vishakha is her power to express. And mostly in her captions, she writes about her moments of ups and downs, especially as a mother. She says that it helps the new moms relate to her and understand that being a mother doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be perfect.

“I wanted to reach out to the women who crash down in a dilemma after becoming mothers oscillating between the feeling of being a perfect mother and being the best judge of the child”

Vishakha with her son Jovin

She openly accepts that motherhood is a challenging journey, but it also has its shining moments of joy and contentment. However, she refuses to live in fear of getting judged as a mother. On one of her latest Instagram posts, she declared that she is not a perfect mother. She does make mistakes and loses her cool, but at the end of the day, it is she who loves her child the most. Hence, she urges other mommies as well to stop living in this fear as nobody will be able to handle their child the way they are doing it.

Her little munchkin Jovin often makes an appearance on her feed, whether alone or with his mom. In her words, motherhood is not any race of perfection but attaining pure happiness.

“When I started posting about my journey of motherhood, I started getting DM’s that they love to read juvishmoments, and that was the moment it suddenly changed my life and my blogging style. I started taking it much more enthusiastically”


She calls the moments with her son as #juvishmoments that her followers love the most. It was after a cute picture of her and Jovin went viral, her blogging career skyrocketed. She soon started getting offers from various brands for collaboration. Vishakha is an advocate of ‘slow and steady wins the race,’ and this is how she has gained her thousands of real and organic followers over time. However, she uses the platform strategically. For instance, she always uses proper and wise hashtags to make her posts viral and trending.

“If you are clicking when the actual thing is going on, that’s what I call a moment, and this is why I am different”


Unlike other social media influencers, she doesn’t believe in going out and doing professional shoots. For her, that is not real; instead, when a picture is being clicked when the actual thing is going on, that is what she calls a moment. She exactly shows what is happening with her and her son. 

“A brand cannot go and check out each and every influencers profile so Yes, there are various marketing platforms like Momspresso, Kofluence, plixxo and others which bridges the gap between an influencer and brands”


While talking about social media and brand marketing, she explains that people may or may not watch tv nowadays, but they will be active on social media. Hence, social media plays a crucial role in marketing as when real people talk, it leaves a long-lasting effect on a consumer’s mind.

“Firstly, brands lookout for the niche of the blogger and then the way an influencer markets their product. It’s all about your creativity and the way you introduce that brand to your followers”


 She has worked with many brands over the years like FirstCry, VLCC, Pediasure, and many more. Although she loves to work with whatever coming her way, she would love to get associated with more kids friendly brands.

“The greatest challenge we all influencers face is to get more and more engagements”


With engagement being her greatest challenge, she tries various ways to get maximum engagement-creating pre-buzz, being more interactive, asking questions, and suggestions. Vishakha’s one tip for every aspiring influencer is to focus on the content. Also, as Instagram is all about visually pleasing, one should take notice of their pictures too. ‘And success will be yours if these both things will go parallel’ advises Vishakha.


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