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It’s time for all of us to mend our ways next time we think of shopping as our daily shopping could have a great impact on the country’s overall economy. It’s just a matter of a little bit of awareness and altering our shopping habits. How? Well, MAKE OF INDIA, here, is hitting the nail on the head by helping you choose all the Indian brands for all your needs.

Make of India is a platform that aims towards making Indian brands vocal into the market. Moreover, they are working to help the public make informed decisions by getting all the information in consolidated form.

As said by its Co-Founders, the revenue and traction of the platform then, the initial idea behind the emergence of this platform is to help people in changing their buying behaviour. Hence currently it’s a non-profit platform. Isn’t it just exciting that these young engineers are coming forward while completely understanding the need of the hour and fulfilling their role in these trying times?

One thing that sets Make of India apart is that there they are India’s first platform to offer Indian alternatives for people’s needs. It’s a unique initiative and has tremendous potential.

As they say, “Every cloud has the silver lining”, Make of India has successfully looked for the best possible positive opportunity out of all the negativity around us. Like every great beginning, this also started with personal experience.

While searching through commonly used applications and platforms, it is a challenge to find authentic Indian products or even check whether the products have foreign investments in the parent economy. This sparked the idea of creating a platform that not only provides the brand information but also leads the user to the direct buying pages to improve the overall user experience. Hence, the Make of India was born.

This platform was accepted magnanimously. On the launch day, within the first few hours, they had huge traffic, to the extent that the server crashed and they had to ramp up the resources to keep the platform running.

Co-Founders do have a strong vision about the idea behind the platform, according to them, their vision for Make of India is to make it a trustable source of information that is not only becomes a number one choice for getting brand and products information but also a benchmark to check the measure localization for every brand. This will give the power into the hands of the general public to make well-informed decisions.

Currently, Co-Founders have decided to Bootstrap the platform, as the cause is quite noble, a lot of Evangelists have come forward to help in spreading the word.

Such a platform is of no use if it doesn’t reach every corner of the country, and hence the social media marketing comes into play. They have initially worked over WhatsApp and LinkedIn marketing as well as exploring SEO and SMO as well, as it has been a Kickstarter for them.

Like any other organization, Make of India has too faced initial challenges, the main challenge people face is mainly due to insufficient information, and whatever is available is mostly unverified. They have conducted extensive research on brands, to trace the originality and roots of the brand companies. They resolved these challenges by adding more and more brands and categories to diversify the search as well as verifying the originality of brands to a great extent.

The thought and intention behind the idea are commendable, and we, as the responsible citizen of the country must come forward and support such a noble effort. 

Make sure checkout next time to think of buying anything, and you may end supporting your own country for its good.


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