Petsy – A one-stop shop for all pet parents

For the love of pets, Sinal and Veer flew from Australia to India.

Love begins at home…especially when you have a pet. It’s where the Petsy journey began too! Petsy has its humble beginnings from a very personal story starting in Australia, as dog lovers and pet parents of the world’s best dog (yes, every pet parent says this). Baxter came into our lives and changed it forever. For us, Baxter is a companion that always loves, a friend that never judges, and a child that is always ready to have some fun. He is truly the heart and soul of our family. 

Having introduced Baxter, it is fair to say that after becoming pet parents, we have become far more sensitive to the needs of animals around us. Hold this thought as we take you on a journey of a few miles to Mumbai.

A couple of years back, we stumbled across a stray dog suffering from fleas and ticks lying on the road in Mumbai. With an eager desire to help it, we went searching for the appropriate treatment. We looked in every corner and struggled. Something as simple as flea and tick treatment was almost impossible to find, and when we did find something close to it – there was no guidance on how to use it! With this struggle in mind and through sheer love of pets and animals, the idea of Petsy was born.

Petsy is an e-commerce platform based in India and was born with a mission to help ordinary pet parents become extraordinary. Loaded with high-quality food, fun, and boredom busting toys, grooming products, lots of good advice, and much more, Petsy is a platform for one and all.

Importantly, Petsy is founded based on a global perspective with a focus on the rapidly growing pet care industry in India as well as potential cross-collaboration and strategic trade links with Australia.

Empowerment is threaded through every action, thought, and feel at Petsy. A technological focus for the future, a desire to continue building robust supplier and customer relationships, and, most of all, create an impact in the lives of animals through community connections and education, we are invested to positively transform the pet industry in India through Petsy. And that’s a short snippet into Petsy’s love for pets.



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