InternWell: A socio-startup aiming to curb poverty and help students gain skills

How can we help students gain skills? How can we help the underprivileged lead a better life? How can we support our most vulnerable SMEs from shutting down? These questions gave birth to a Socio-startup, InternWell. The only mission InternWell has is to help the underprivileged upskill and increase their employability. InternWell aims to curb one of the greatest issues of our society, poverty. Sachin Korla and Ayush Thakur from Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and technology incorporated a single solution into InternWell, which would help answer the above questions. Though there were only two people at the start, slowly like-minded people gathered, now InternWell has a team of 10 members who are continually working towards turning InternWell into a full-fledged startup. Here is a short write-up about how the team works.

InternWell is a Socio-Startup whose vision is “Work for all while leaving no one behind“. InternWell is run by Undergrads. It offers a range of digital services, including Web and App development, Social media marketing, Content Writing, Freelancing, etc. that can be advantageous to SMEs to upscale their business. InternWell takes a project from interested SMEs and hires interns to work on the projects alongside InternWell’s team. A team of interns works under the supervision and guidance of InternWell’s developers. The interns get the opportunity to work on a live project and gain industry exposure, which is of utmost importance in the corporate sector. About 20% of the revenue is spent on providing education to underprivileged kids and is donated to social welfare campaigns. InternWell also organizes fundraisers through Milaap and has succeeded in organizing two fundraisers, which raised over Rs 8 lakh and Rs 2 lakh for victims of accident and disease. InternWell has also worked with “Unnao Bharat Abhiyan” – An MHRD initiative to improve and develop rural areas so that the youth of those regions can explore the opportunities and make the most of the resources available to them. InternWell is continuously trying its best to collaborate with various organizations to give back to the community. It recently organized an 18-day upskilling course that succeeded in giving a head-start to students and helped them make the most out of this lockdown. The course also raised Rs 25k, which was later donated to the PM CARES Campaign. The course, Towards Skilldom, was successfully attended by over 250 students, and over 25 national and international mentors gave webinars and shared their knowledge with enthusiastic learners. InternWell collaborated with Coding blocks and Social Pukaar and made it a huge success.

InternWell’s most recent collaborations include collaboration with UNiglow ā€“ an UN-based startup committed to fulfilling the UN sustainable development goals and HWCT India ā€“ an NGO based in Maharashtra helping the underprivileged by fulfilling their needs.

InternWell aims to provide quality education to underprivileged kids so that they, too, can upskill and improve their lifestyle. It also hopes to help students develop industry-oriented skills. InternWell will try to be vocal for local by providing affordable digital services to SMEs so that they can expand their business. This is InternWell’s mission.


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  1. Sachin Korla

    Thank-you so much team for feature our Team InternWell. Bhojpuria Entrepreneur team doing such a great work. hats off to you guys.

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