Minty by Ragini Singh : A young, inspirational woman entrepreneur expert in block printing.

Ragini Singh, a young lady who had keen interest in art and design as a little girl but never took it seriously is today an artist and an entrepreneur. She completed her BA in Economics from St Xaviers then worked for a year with an analytical consulting firm and finally pursued her masters in psychoanalysis at Ambedkar University. In 2017, she got the idea of ‘MINTY’. Ragini explains that this idea of starting her own business in block printing helped her to rediscover her creative side. The name ‘MINTY’ reflects something fresh, new and different, just like her prints.

Ragini told us that Minty is a sustainable lifestyle brand whose primary focus is block printing. Ragini, as an entrepreneur, looks forward to collaborating with artisans who specialize in working with pure, natural and herbal dyes. Being the creative head, she draws her unique, creative and original patterns from scratch. The design language of the brand is inspired by Art Deco and bohemian tribal motifs. Minty also launched their very own online store on the 15th of August 2020 and at present their products are stocked in 4 stores -‘Ambara’ in Bangalore , ‘Pastiche’ in Kolkata, ‘Pepper House’ in Fort Kochi and ‘Hunab Ku’ in Adelaide, Australia.

“For me success lies In achieving one’s purpose. The purpose of the brand is to be synonymous with “sustainable luxury”. This can only happen when as producers and consumers we are more aware of the choices that we make when it comes to fashion and lifestyle.”

Ragini Singh

Ragini adds that MINTY’s main aim is promoting hand work and craftsmanship which generates employment and alters the rate of production and consumption to align itself with nature. Sustainability in every sense is of prime importance.

She states that her artisans are her pillar of strength and she has learned a lot from them.

She also talked to us about her online store which she launched a month ago. The novelty of the brand which reflects in the prints and the unique colours are what drives the customers towards the brand. Other brands like Vraj Bhoomi, Rasa and Chidiyaa are a few that Ragini looks up to in the industry. She feels her advantage is that she’s done away with chemical dyes completely which other brands will have to resort to, sooner or later given the environmental concerns. According to her, the prints by ‘Minty’ are a complete game changer when it comes to block printing.

“As of now I’m only into standardisation. However at a later stage I’m looking to customise. I think customisation helps in pushing one’s creative boundaries , provided the business is at a stage where it can take those creative liberties and risks. Standardisation helps in setting systems.”

Ragini Singh

In 5 years Ragini would love for MINTY to be one of the big players of sustainable luxury lifestyle brands. She would also want it to be a part of unique multi designer stores which support the idea of sustainability in India and abroad. Fortunately, with their Adelaide store collaboration, they are already on that path.

Ragini has come a long way from her initial point and her dream is to go higher and higher. She stands as an inspiration to many people all over the world and she wants everyone to keep believing in themselves, your dedication and commitment will pay off.

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