Wag & Love : A pet food brand promoting their slogan ‘Because family deserves the best.’

They say pets can’t talk to you but they’re your best friends. Having a dog or cat is like having a comfort buddy by your side. Just imagine a scenario of you coming back from school, tired and exhausted and then a heart-warming greeting by your adorable pet lifts your mood up. You cuddle with it, play and feed it. Oh! From ‘feed’ I remember, isn’t it your duty to take care of your furry friend just like how it takes care of you? It is!

Animals must be treated with kindness and generosity. Siddharth Singh — the founder of Wag & Love and his team present to you Wag & Love. The brand’s main focus is to provide some delicious delights for your pets. A highly affordable brand which is nestled in India itself.. Siddharth was born and brought up in Delhi. He completed his schooling from Naval public school of Delhi and pursued his engineering in biotechnology from IIT in Guwahati. Sidhharth explained us that his heart had always been in hardcore engineering so for his Masters he chose Petroleum engineering course from Texas, AMU. With a shy smile on his face Sidhharth told us that he is a fitness freak and always knows what to eat and what not to.Growing up he was always fond of animals. All throughout his childhood he kept bringing home pets from turtles to rabbits to birds to dogs but due to parental pressure could never keep them for long. Finally his dream came true when he grew up and got Puchki home.

Jyoti Chhetri — the co-founder of Wag & Love was born in Shillong. Jyoti told us that her dad was in the defence so she changed many schools and residencies while growing up. She completed her graduation from Shillong in Computer Science. However, she chose a career in flying instead of pursuing computers. Jyoti explains that she later went on to become Air hostess with Emirates airline based in Dubai. Just like the founder, Jyoti also called herself a fitness freak. The idea of embarking a new journey of care for the innocent animals started when their own little Puchki suffered from some severe food based allergies. It was a terrible moment for them. Seeing their little friend in pain broke their heart and hurt their soul.

When they were informed that medical treatment alone is not enough to cure the allergy, their parental instincts rose up and they extensively researched her health conditions and chose holistic treatment and nutrition in order to create some effort to improve her condition.When they got to know that not only Puchki but numerous other innocent animals suffer from the same allergies and disease as hers in India, a spark lit inside of them and they promised themselves to face any challenge that may come in their way but they will help all the other four legged animal friends that are in pain but can never convey their message.

They nurtured a world-class, natural and holistic, grain free diet ideal for dogs in India. Their products are made with pure love and care, a perfect blend of nutrition, nature and freshness. Introduced through a revolutionary packaging technology, their product never fails to disappoint the users. Over the past two years, their business’ growth increased tremendously and currently they offer 40 SKUs, across two ranges of dog food and one of cat food range. To them, success means providing value, whether it be to their team, their customers or to their business.

“Some of our greatest moments of success are when pet parents send us a heartfelt message about how their dog’s health has improved on our food – and that feeling makes it worth all the effort. If Wag & Love can enrich and lengthen the bond between pet parents and their furry babies, we will have been successful.”

Sidhharth Singh

As we all fell in awe by their message it was a blissful moment for them. Wag and Love is a completely self funded company, which means that they work as a highly lean, efficient outfit and pass the highest value possible to their customers. Their ideology and dedication has promoted their brand to one of India’s most reputed pet food brands in only over two years of operation. Their company works whole-heartedly in providing the best to their customers. The small company has a dream team of overall ten members. They are all actively involved in the day to day operations of the startup. Each member of theirs has a certified role in which he can do the best. Which, in my opinion, is the key to leading an effective growth – motivating company.

Every pet parent who would love to have a longer and enriching bond with their adorable furry friend is their main target audience. However, due to their modest marketing budgets, they tend to focus more through digital and social media channels on pet parents who truly value the quality, nutrition and an understanding of the health benefit their products provide to the pets using their food. Wag and Love has stated that their main three foundational pillars for the successful growth are — nutrition, love and nature. Their recipes are 100% natural and are free of any artificial preservatives, colours or meat products.

Most pet parents appreciate the idea of superfoods present in their pack of pet food and so they introduced the first ever “Mini-revolutionary pack technology”, instrumental in keeping food fresh for a longer period of time! And the most important part that attracts a customer to buy the product is their personalized relationship with almost every single customer who purchases directly from them. There are numerous Indian pet food brand majors that are competing with Wag and Love and according to them, every brand must offer something that is truly value adding to their customers to be able to build their market and most of the features that they offer in their range are truly unmatched by other brands.

“As a highly lean & efficient organization, we don’t necessarily believe in the concepts of how “much” but rather how “well”. Our budgets are significantly lower than some of the major international brands in the market, but on a rupee-to-rupee spent basis, much more effective”

Sidhharth Singh

They focus their efforts on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram since its growth has skyrocketed in the past years and also advertise in niche industries that focus solely on dogs, like partnering with pet magazines. They also try to market themselves through many other mediums like SEO marketing, blog partnerships, PPC marketing, display advertising, video advertisement, event marketing, strategic partnerships. According to what they have observed in their two year experience of pet food industry, pet parents are not quite informed and rely solely on what their influencers recommend.

When pet parents visit their website or read about their product, they often find it hard to believe that they did not hear about Wag & Love before. They try to maintain complete transparency, and their recipes are really what pet parents are looking at today.Social media also plays a prime role in boosting their brand and has bagged their great partnerships, which would have happened a lot later if social media did not exist. Social media has provided visibility to their brand, and more importantly, it allowed them to create awareness about natural holistic nutrition and educate a large audience. It helped them in interacting with their audience and built a relationship with them.

“ In the next 5 years, we hope to be one of the most recognized and trusted pet brands in India. In line with our vision to be one of India’s leading integrated pet care brands, our strategy also consists of adding additional pet care products where we see gaps in the market.”

Sidhharth & Jyoti

While them and most other businesses in India have undoubtedly faced tremendous challenges during these COVID 19 times, they have also used this as a huge opportunity. An opportunity to re-shape their marketing strategies and partnerships, build additional product ranges, connect better with their customers, streamline their processes, and use new-age digital marketing tools – and undoubtedly the means to achieve all this was the ONLINE Channel. Online channels have not just sustained marketing for survival, but also allowed the team to continue functioning through online team & project management systems, continue product & creative development through our freelance partners, and communicate more effectively with their customers through our social channels.

Wag & Love was built as a holistic solution to their pet’s health concerns and hence holistic nutrition has a strong element of standardization. Their recipes are curated and designed to enrich every part of the pet’s body- right from the vision, heart, brain, joints, muscles, and more.

Correspondingly, certain different breeds and different life stages do have different nutritional requirements and they adhere to that. They however do not believe in excessive customization for the sake of marketing, because it puts unnecessary pressure on the pet parent, even when not needed.Lastly, Wag & Love is a family-owned Indian brand, conceived, created, and managed out of India. Their products, as mentioned, are nestled with love and care. They’re highly affordable and reliable as well.

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