Sakonsa : A non profit organization striving to attain sustainable development goals and help in the betterment of society

Sakonsa is home to people who take the United Nations initiative in their souls to serve society. The Sakonsa team aims to build a society where everyone has access to basic human needs and the youth is motivated to undertake positive activities like eradicating poverty, gender inequality, quality education, and discrimination from the society to create a better world.

Their motto is to introduce sustainable development goals and to connect the youth of India with all the 8 important goals of the United Nations which help the youth to become responsible participating citizens and work for the welfare society. The volunteer support and progressive ideas push them towards their Vision and Mission. Sakonsa collaborates to open up myriad opportunities for the youngsters who are the pillars of the nation.

Our modern-day courses have helped students at various institutions, colleges, and schools to take part in the social activities of sustainment.

They aim to engage 10000 people by next year because they believe that together, they can address complex issues and successfully leverage their resources to provide essential programming and services.

In our recent campaign #encouragethecourage, We have successfully delivered 100000+ encouraging messages for our corona warriors. Also, we have distributed 2000+ face shields and masks to police officers in the district of Bihar.

In their current ongoing campaign #feedtheneedy, they are providing dry ration kits to needy families. Each ration kit contains groceries for one week which includes flour, pulses, oil, rice, soap, biscuit, and masks. They are collecting funds just Rs. 250/- for one week kit. They are also conducting weekly daily meal donation drives in slum areas. For more details about this campaign, feel free to visit their website . Sakonsa’s team hopes that they will continue to serve more and more people as they can.

Their founder, Mr. Naveen believes that everyone in this world has a message which can change this whole world if conveyed properly and with the aim of spreading the message, the idea of Sakonsa came into life. Today, they have launched three successful campaigns that have helped thousands of people to live a better life. With more than 200+ volunteers, they make a successful recipe for making this world a better place to live.

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