Mukesh Ambani earned ₹90 crore per hour during this Covid-19 lockdown. Everything you need to know!

As the IIFL Wealth Hurun India Rich List 2020 made it crystal clear yesterday but if you’re still missing out on the talk of the week, The 63 year old business tycoon Mukesh Ambani maintains his position as the richest Indian man.The business tycoon gained ₹90 crore per hour since the Covid-19 lockdown which began in March.

The IIFL Wealth Hurun India list is a list of the richest personalities in india having a wealth of ₹1000 crore or more. It can be known as the barometer of the Indian economy that helps us to understand which industries have gone up, innovated or gone down.Mukesh Ambani made his way as the only Indian on the Top 5 richest men of Asia.

As much as 28 per cent of the upswing in wealth on the list has been bestowed by Mukesh Ambani, bespeaking Ambani’s meteoric success post diversifying from oil to telecom and retail. A further 21 per cent of the additional wealth has been generated by pharma, mainly on the back of the rise in healthcare spends and a realigned priority towards personal healthcare stimulated by the Covid-19.

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Ambani invested ₹2,77,700 crore through a strategic investment from Facebook, Google and more among many others into Jio & Reliance Retail, increasing his individual prosperity to ₹6,58,400 crore. Beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic was a downfall for Mukesh Ambani’s wealth as it by 28% to ₹3,50,000 crore and then backed by the series of strategic investments.

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 lockdown, the Reliance Industries crossed ₹10 lakh crore and registered a 73% increase in Mukesh Ambani’s individual wealth.

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