Thursday Updates! Everything you need to know about Covid-19 updates !

On Thursday, the big city of Andhra Pradesh crossed another huge milestone of seven lacs Covid-19 cases though the spread of the virus has been on a declining trend over the past few days. Within 14 days, the state added one lakh more cases from six to seven whereas the previous four lacs came in a 10 day period each.

Chief Minister of Punjab, Amarinder Singh ordered a turn of composures between the COVID19 outbreak, which included the lifting of night curfew and weekend lockdown, while they also directed the authorities to strictly enforce wearing of masks and take other safety measures.

Among the announced composures by the chief minister they also increased the guests limit for wedding functions and funerals to hundred in the state, in line with the Centre’s guidelines, as well as limiting the seating of three persons in a car and fifty per cent capacity in buses, also to the condition of windows being open, an official release said here.

The force is undertaking various measures to ensure that its troops remain fit and have high immunity levels to combat diseases such as COVID-19. We have had over 10,000 coronavirus cases in our force, but most people have recovered. The recovery rate is about 80-85 percent.


Over 10,000 COVID-19 cases in the CRPF were found out with an average recovery rate of eighty five per cent, the chief of the country’s largest paramilitary force, A P Maheshwari, said on Thursday.