MommyWize launches a Refreshing and Impactful Website to celebrate Motherhood, Parenting, and more.

We all know that motherhood is not a simple walk in the park, but just knowing this and experiencing it are two completely different aspects. MommyWize started as a Facebook community in 2018 that came into inception to build a platform for mothers looking for useful information, advice, and guidance besides having fun together.

After 2 years of success as an active Facebook community, MommyWize website is the next logical step to take it further from there.

There are millions of women out there who have a whole mix of emotions when they begin their journey of motherhood. They have the fear if they would be a good mother, and at the same time, are anxious about how and what to do and if they would do it right. Our website will cater to all motherhood milestones. Whether it’s an expecting mom, a first-time mom, mom to a toddler, or a teenager, MommyWize promises to be with them in their motherhood and parenting journey whenever they need any information, support, or advice; we will be there.

Sonia Julka Chawla

Sonia started the Mommywize Facebook community after experiencing motherhood herself and was looking for a platform to get valuable tips and information on being a perfect mother. When she could not find any such community, she got an idea of starting one herself. The website aims to make this journey of motherhood easy and enjoyable through its articles by industry experts like doctors, psychologists, and mothers themselves. The website provides practical and relevant insights and resources to handle various challenges of being a mother.

The website’s main sections are Pregnancy, Babies, Toddlers, Kids, Momsphere, entrepreneurship guidance for women, and Home & Living. The design is refreshing, and navigation is lucid. The color scheme and all the design elements of the website make it look WOW.

With is FB parenting community and Mommywize Momventures, MommyWize intends to provide an entire ecosystem to moms to learn, share, grow, and network. MommyWize platform also gives mothers a platform to write and share their experiences and monetize their writing talent or promote their business to reach out to more people.

Its segment, called global wizes, showcases content from across the world on parenting, motherhood, and womanhood to keep mom’s updated with all the latest updates and trending news.Motherhood turns a woman’s world upside down.

Most of them have to make a new start as they leave their careers for their children. This website maintains a perfect balance between motherhood and womanhood as it caters to both as it is built on the foundation that you can’t be a happy mother without being a happy woman.

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