Shabash Bahadur : a startup team working tirelessly to serve two wheeler and four wheeler vehicle services at affordable prices and with great quality

Shabash Bahadur, a startup business working tirelessly and with full dedication to provide doorstep two wheeler servicing and four wheeler washing is owned by the 22 year old Ravikant Dabi. The entrepreneur is currently pursuing his BTech LLB. Ravikant told us that he was born in Jodhpur, Rajasthan but he prefers to live in Delhi. The idea of Shabash Bahadur has a very inspiring story behind it. When Ravikant was studying in Dehradun, he used to visit Delhi for a few weeks and there he met Manoj, a car cleaner and a great person within. Ravikant old us that when people would call Manoj, ‘Bahadur’, he somehow got really inspired by the name and how bahadur used to work sincerely and diligently. 

Inspired by the worker’s efforts, he named his startup business ‘Shabash Bahadur’. The Shabash Bahadur team provides doorstep services at affordable prices. Initially they started with a package which cost only 300 rupees a month which makes it 10 rupees a day. Ravikant very proudly mentioned that if their customers pay them for a month but  receive the services only for 20 days, they get refunded with the leftover money. The team’s sincerity and honesty is truly worth appreciating. As during the Covid-19 pandemic, most people were trying to save their expenses and due to the lockdown, people would not use their vehicle as much, Shabash Bahadur started with fresh and new services where they recently finished with the sanitization of more than 800 vehicles and that too at their customer’s doorstep. 

As an entrepreneur, Ravi kant defines that his success lies in the satisfaction of his customers and the people working under him. Their welfare and happiness is a success for him. He mentioned that whenever he sees his workers earning even a small amount of money through him, it gives him a feeling of bliss. 

Knowing that someone is able to feed their family because of me gives me a feeling of satisfaction and I am proud of that.

Ravikant Dabi

The Shabash Bahadur team, before starting with their startup, conducted a survey where they determined the number of people who prefer doorstep services and the people who prefer walk-in services.

The survey was conducted in such a way that we exhibited that the people who earn 60000 rupees a month preferred doorstep services rather than the ones who earn around 20000 or less rupees per month.

Ravikant Dabi

Ravi Kant also mentioned that when they offer a doorstep service, the whole process is done in front of the customer as they use everything genuinely. The customer can see the quality of the services as well as the quantity of engine oil that is being used on their vehicles. 

If people get their vehicle’s service done from any mechanical shop or even the store where they bought the vehicle from, their whole day is waste.

Ravikant Dabi

People who do in office jobs or jobs that require them being presented at a place for a whole day are the people who mostly prefer their doorstep services. Also people who prefer their vehicle’s service in front of them rather than pick and drop services which is quite popular now, are the types of audience who are their target. Shabash Bahadur’s team try their best in satisfying their customers needs and wants as they solely think that more people mostly get attracted to their services through others’ references. 

In the automobile sector, the two main preferences of customers are price and quality, and we offer both!

Ravikant Dabi

Shabash Bahadur offers services at very affordable prices. Ravikant also told us that other mechanics offer a one time service while when we offer a 10 day warranty to our customers. People are not allowed to enter the workshops in most of the shops so many people get fooled with the prices, quality and quantity. As they have a tough competition with other startups as well, they manage to stand out by providing a 10 day service warranty, monthly subscriptions and doorstep services. Shabash Bahadur also offered services to women this karva chauth as an act of applause. 

The team prefers Instagram and Facebook for socializing and marketing. Their biggest drawback has been them not having a proper website. Their website is still under designing but it is not developed yet. 

At our company, we mainly focus on the mechanic part and our customers are our top priority but we also prioritize our workers and provide them with benefits like incentives and when we get appreciation, we appreciate our mechanics with incentives and more.

Ravikant Dabi

In five years, Ravikant would want to see his business growing and he wants to accomplish the target to take care of the services of at least 10% two wheelers in Delhi. Ravikan told us that he works in such a way that his workers are self employed and not working under him, his workers get at least 3 bookings a day which he wishes to increase to at least 5 a day. 

I prefer customization as we use an agile technique to run our business.

Ravikant Dabi

Ravikant mentioned that he ensures his workers are purely sanitied, wearing hand gloves and is in good health conditions which is truly the best part in our opinion as many people prefer hygienic conditions and people around them. Ravikant looks forward to expanding his business within India and also wishes to serve the people with extreme dedication and diligence.

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