Wishing Jonathan – the oldest living terrestrial animal, a happy birthday

A normal tortoise life span is 80 years and can exceed up to 120 years as well. Well, we wouldn’t have thought that a tortoise exceeded its lifespan, setting a world record and becoming to be known as the longest living animal of land. Jonathan the tortoise, was brought to Saint Helena in 1833 along with its fellow mates of around 50 years in age. He was brought from Seychelles through the Indian ocean. He continues to live in the official residence of the governor, the grounds of Plantation House and is taken care of by the government of Saint Helena.

Jonathan the tortoise is the longest living terrestrial animal and we wish it a happy 188th birthday this 2020. Jonathan was born in 1832 which makes it five years before the enthroning of Queen Victoria. Making him the longest living land animal.

People all over the world are wishing Jonathan a happy birthday! People who live around St. Helena are visiting the tortoise, clicking photos, and sending it their prayers! We too wish it a happy birthday and hope it stays with us for more years to come.

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