Indian entrepreneur Sanjiv Mehta is now the owner of the historic East India Company!

In 1600, to make the exportation of tea, variety of spices and numerous other items from India to Europe easier, a company was founded and named, The East India Company. The company is one of the most popular companies in the history of India and is now owned by Sanjiv Mehta, an Indian entrepreneur. 

After the revolt of 1857, the company was announced as disbanded and continued to remain in between the pages of the history books. East India Company is referred to as a symbol of humiliation and oppression in Indian history.

The Indian entrepreneur, Sanjiv Mehta transformed the company into a brand focused and luxurious coffee, food and tea company. 

A company which once owned India is now owned by an Indian … a feeling of the empire strikes back. The historic East India Company built itself on aggression, but today’s East India Company is about compassion

Sanjiv Mehta

Sanjiv Mehta has now solely earned the permit to trade and expand the business.

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