Google Brand Identity change

Google New Identity Is More Accessible And Trendy

The colourful Google logo is one of the most recognisable global brands ever created. Sure, it looked a bit rough in the beginning, but Google’s clever refinements over the last two decades show an interesting transition that now results in the crisp, clear icon we know and love today.

The very first version of the google brand identity created two decades ago using 3D text generator reminds us the ugly days of the internet with poor graphics, low speed and bad UI design.

The very first logo of GOOGLE.

Google’s productivity apps have a new name: Google Workspace. But there’s far more to this latest pivot than the death of the iconic Gmail envelope. Checkout the video!

Google has replaced its iconic Gmail envelope logo with a design that’s a lot more in keeping with other Google products. The new Gmail logo is now an M made out of Google’s core blue, red, yellow, and green brand colors. It more closely matches similar logos for Google itself, Google Maps, Google Photos, Chrome, and many more Google products. The envelope is no more.


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