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Bhojpuria Entrepreneur is a blog site by an entrepreneur Anurag Singh, marketeer by profession, party planner, and street photographer by heart. This blog is curated by him during Covid-19 lockdown, to build a community of early-stage startups, bootstrap startup initiatives, and micro-influencers to support, grow, and give a shoutout to the world.

Anurag Singh, is the founder, and director of Green Flag, a branding firm established in the year 2010 at Bengaluru, India. Green Flag has its offices currently at Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad with services across Indian subcontinent.

Our Vision: Living the dream of #makeInIndia and to be #vocalForLocal

Mission: Shoutout and support startups in India, Digital branding and content management support, Micro Financing for local startups, micro startups, home based businesses and women entrepreneur.

anurag Singh

Founder and Editor

I am a firm believer of Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Ekla Chalo Re‘. I am passionate about scalable bootstrapped startups, startups mentoring & micro funding, adventure sports, and very important cooking! I have established two ideas to research and experiment in the field of marketing, branding, and scalable startups. They are: Green Flag and Bunny Bash.

Email me: anurag@greenflagdeals.com

akul Mahajan

Digital Connect Team Leader

I am an MBA professional, working closely to understand the dynamics of Entrepreneurship and the Indian Startup Ecosystem. Being fascinated by creativity and innovation, I am always inclined towards Marketing and Operations. I am fond of photography, painting and love to explore new places. Striving for perfection always makes me realise that learning is a continuous process!

Email me: akul@greenflagdeals.com

Siddhi Waingankar

Digital Connect Lead

I am a Mass Media Professional specialised in Advertising field , As my personal interest Graphic Designing and Communication is what I have found enjoyment in !
My passion towards helping others has been evident in life. Through those experiences I have learnt to interact with diverse group of people where I am able to connect with them.
I am fond of Playing Chess, Trying new cuisine and swimming.

Email me: siddhi@greenflagdeals.com

Ananya Malpani

Graphic & Communication Designer

I am a Sophomore Communication Design Student at ISDI Parsons, Mumbai. I completely love the world of Graphic Design. From Illustrations to Typography to Layouts, I am fond of it all. I love to explore the different fields of communication design and seek to phone each of the skills I have acquired over the past years.

Email me: ananya@greenflagdeals.com

Konika Dutta

Content Research and Publication

I am a Sophomore Communication Design Student at ISDI I am a student in media science that focuses on everything from journalism, film studies to marketing. Being a voracious reader and a passionate writer I am pursuing as a content writer. My lifetime goal is to break down the unrealistic social norms imposed on the women and minority groups of our country.

Email me: konika@greenflagdeals.com

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