Shabash Bahadur : a startup team working tirelessly to serve two wheeler and four wheeler vehicle services at affordable prices and with great quality

Shabash Bahadur, a startup business working tirelessly and with full dedication to provide doorstep two wheeler servicing and four wheeler washing is owned by the 22 year old Ravikant Dabi. … Read More

Sakonsa : A non profit organization striving to attain sustainable development goals and help in the betterment of society

Sakonsa is home to people who take the United Nations initiative in their souls to serve society. The Sakonsa team aims to build a society where everyone has access to … Read More

Hungry Foal: A homegrown brand making nutrition tasty, affordable and accessible to all

The homegrown brand Hungry Foal started with one definite motive- providing nutritious yet delicious food and snacks at an ultra-affordable price. Founded by Japna and her partner Vivek, this bootstrapped … Read More

ADCOM: This family run tech start up in India has its unique line of affordable and fashionable tech products. Vocal for Local!

The birth of ADCOM, an Indian family run tech startup, was in 2002 when a distributor for IT companies selling IT peripherals- mouse, keyboard, hard drivers, and more decided to … Read More